Monday, 27 June 2005

Introduction to the start

Just finding a name for this stupid thing was hard enough. Have all the best ones really gone? Has the world gone blogging mad? Does it really matter when the only people to read this will be those so bored by what's out there in the real world that they're up at three a.m. on a Sunday night, too hot to go to sleep, too unbothered by the prospect of Monday at work to care about turning up on time and in a semi coherent state. If that's you, hello. If not, then hello anyway and damn you for having a healthy sleep pattern and a job you actually like.

Excuse me for not ranting on about work (it's ok), the current state of world affairs (it's not quite so ok), the state of various sports teams (really not very ok) or the wild antics on the latest night out (really the most un ok thing ever, weekend not great, new homeowner, shelves more important, I have to have something to hang myself from). Excuse me for not yet going for the big reveal. Excuse me however for moaning about how hard it is to get hold of someone when you only have their email address, you haven't used it for two years and suddenly you realise that the Good Doctor is the one person you want to hear from above all else, even though you know that it's pretty pointless and you'll soon realise why you haven't emailed her for the last two years anyway.

Try tracking any normal person down on google. It's not that easy. All that information and most it utter crap. More information is not better information. Twelve thousand pages of similar names and only twenty four hours in the day. Work for a firm that doesn't proudly display your name on the flashy but pointless website? Thought so. Want to be anonymous? Probably. Want stupid, rambling fools like me tracking you down? Of course not. I should take the hint. Some people don't want to be found. By me.

Hint taken.

Rant over.

God bless the Good Doctor. Wherever you are, what email address you now appear to be using.