Tuesday, 4 April 2006

It's all lies

In case I know you, thanks for taking the time to come along. After the last post I thought I'd rally three or four of the troops. Friends that is. Read the previous post. It's a good job I can't sleep tonight anyway.
I've become obsessed with the hit counter/hits counter so much so that the small number of friends have been requested to boost it. The sheer vanity.
But it's ok because none of them have been mentioned. In fact hardly any one has been mentioned. Curious.
Cue deep analysis and bouts of tortured self-awareness.
Or, cue various methods of sleep inducement.
Think I'll try the second, after all if I don't my entire life story will be on here by morning.
And no one would be happy about that.
Someone remind me to let you know about my favourite sleep inducing thing. But not just yet. I need to see if it will work tonight first.

Yeah! Two already.

Gosh. Hit counter inserted. Mind you, I have no idea about that link beneath it. Sneaky hit counter people. Will have to try to get that moved. Anyway. Two and counting. Check back in sometime around 2009 to see if I've gone past 8.
If only I told my friends about this site. But then I might not write the crap I do if I thought that anyone might read it.

Insert cliche about London buses here

Thinking about getting a hit counter just to see how long I can keep it below 10. Or would it be too depressing to keep pasting these little daubs up if no one sees them. Tree, forest, no one, fall, sound? etc. Perhaps it means this, what do they call it, a blog? Really? Perhaps it means this blog doesn't exist. A blog? What is that? Slang for constipation?
Sorry about that. For a moment I turned into a comedian from the 1970s trying out new material at a holiday camp in the north-east.
Where was I?
By the way, as has almost certainly been pointed out by 27,352 people, the spell checker on this thing doesn't recognise the word blog.
Moving on.
Do you like the view (look at the pictures below dummy)? I do. But it's time to move on (in literal and metaphorical senses).
Perhaps it's time to try to reach out into other areas. Change. And not the small kind (apologies, it's a bad gag and it's stolen, I am a puddle). Why am I telling you this? Who cares? But it's out there now. I think I know the job I want. They're advertising. I have the qualifications and the experience. But it's a case of persuading them that, aged 33, the reason I have spent the last six months off work is consigned to the last six months. It's a case of persuading them that my heart condition (or failure as we like to call it) is not going to cause me to take more time off work.
"Of course, I could be dead in five years."
"That's good, we don't like our staff to become stale. It's a severe form of moving on but it fits in with our corporate plan."
Getting to interview will be tough enough. Leaving my current "job" will be easy. The only reason to stay is the money. And before any of you non-existent readers remark on the six months off thing and how nice they've been need to understand how horrible they were before the six months thing and how they had no choice due to being a public sector employer and there being rules about that kind of thing.
But I will have this condition for life. I do not know how long that life will be. I owe it to myself to make that life as decent as possible and my current job will not allow for that.
So I'll have to sell the flat. First I'll have to clean the flat. Or more specifically, the carpet. Or even more specifically, pay someone else to clean the carpet.
Whatever happens, the view is temporary for me. I know that now. Sure, it looks pretty permanent but I found an old picture of me with my brother and my dad taken in the very early eighties in Greenwich Park and none of the buildings the sun is setting behind were there then. So perhaps all views are temporary.
And on that philosophical note...

New Years Resolution

And yes, I know it's April.
And yes, I know I'm talking to myself.
And I am certainly aware that these posts are appearing in badly spaced out batches of at least two.
So, this year (and from now on in fact) I am going to have fewer opinions.
Because there are too many opinions in this world and so many of them are negative and based upon quick emotional reaction rather than rational thought. And so many of these opinions are about things that are based upon the lives of others that otherwise would have nothing to do with anyone else. More information does not mean better information.
And yes I am aware that most of this is opinion and thus I have negated my own resolution. But then it is April so that's better than most people.
And yes, I am already in the process of getting my coat.


Hello? Is this thing on?