Thursday, 7 January 2010

The view from on high

I love this picture.
And I love the confusion it causes. Because there are those who think that it obviously proves there is no such thing as global warming.

Well, the BBC should be able to put them right. A surprisingly interesting piece on the news reminded us that there is a difference between weather and climate.

Think about it. I dare you.

Also, a few years ago, the BBC showed an episode of Horizon, it's defunct science documentary programme. One episode pointed out that a change to the climate could bring us colder winters due the effect on the Gulf Stream. A shift in its position, for example, would bring freezing winters.

Now whilst I'm not suggesting that this cold winter is the result of global warming, no one should assume that this cold winter proves the non-existence of climate change.
They obviously weren't watc

Oxymoronic, without the oxy

Modern Family.

Very, old style sit-com.

Is this really the best on offer?

Is it a post-modern satire on one dimensional stereotypes collated from the shallow grammar of other one dimensional sit-coms?

No. It's just a re-hash with the added throw-in of a documentary format. If it was on ITV, it might pass as sophisticated but only by their standards.

Know your Onions

Graham Onions.


By the way, I was quite impressed by Ian Bell too only I can't quite bring myself to say that too loudly.