Thursday, 23 March 2006

The power of positive thought

Go for a walk I thought. Get the train up from London I thought. Stroll up to the Political Cartoons Gallery on Store Street from Charing Cross I thought. Pop into the British Museum on the way I thought. I can't be bothered I thought when I passed the museum by. I'll take the long way round, the wrong way round to Store Street I thought.
I know you I thought. I used to teach you I thought. You used to be my form tutor she said. How are you? I replied.
I could have been inside the British Museum looking at lumps of metal. Instead I found an ex-student of mine who is about to pass her first year at medical school. That sounds good I thought. Another one of your ex-students is working in a pub on Tottenham Court Road she said. That sounds very good I thought. And off I went to visit his beard.
And so, having strayed north of the river (I feel dirty) and been thinking about old times, about happier and healthier days, there they were on Montague Street, WC1, twenty five miles from their origin.
On the down side, I managed to walk past the gallery twice without having the balls to go inside. Both times it was empty. Both times I worried about being thrown out or laughed at. I'll go back. Honest. Anyway, it'll give me another chance to wander up Montague Street and Tottenham Court Road.
Hey, go see it yourself, it looks interesting from the outside:
I wont mention the name of the pub though...


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