Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Sometimes you've just got to move on

Key songs: Heart Failed In The Back Of A Taxi by Saint Etienne.
And why? I hear the overwhelming silence announce from absolutely no where. Er, good questions. Eight months on and another pointless post that no one will read.
Brief update: I nearly died in October after being ill for most of August and September without being bothered to do anything about it. Now being lazy is one thing. Being lazy and nearly dying as a result is another. So, near death. Some great Christian experience to boost the old faith system? Well no, it's about as non-faith related as it gets. There is no great white light, no corridor sending you forward, no big guy with the white beard. Face it folks, this is it. So, heart failure at thirty-three and I'm trying to get back on track.
Sort your own life out, don't wait for anyone else to do it.
You have the answers. Or in this case me.
Except I don't.
Next question?
At this point, imagine your own rant - this product is rubbish, no one cares, the government are stealing from me, everything is awful, the neighbours are too loud and so on. Then write is down and throw it in the bin.
Tips on surviving death? Don't rage against the dying of the light. See a doctor. But lets face it, sometimes you've just got to move on.


Anonymous said...

Yes your about me bit is improved - The Grant In Question