Thursday, 13 April 2006

flkere flkicr flickr fkcdwer or whatever the bloody thing is called

Anyway, whatever the name of that photography website, I'm scared to put any picutres up there because so many are so good. Funnily enough, I've never suffered the same complex on here. Although that's probably because I can't understand the language of most of them and the rest are all spam style business things. Alternatively see commentary on blogs from yesterday (scroll down kid, there's more of this rubbish, lots more).
The point being:
I don't know. However there were some picture of the place where I live and I thought I'd steal them (cough, cough) to put them up here.

They look relatively half decent in the darkness. When I come to sell, I think I might use these pictures.

And for good measure I also stole one of the Woolwich Free Ferry which I continue to have an unhealthy obsession for (don't worry, I don't write down the number of the boat like those train freaks. Mind you there are only three boats so spotting them is slightly easier).
It's a lot smaller than the others. I haven't worked out why yet. I haven't tried to be bothered about even think about working out why yet.

*edited note to self - will of course credit the photographers once I've stopped slapping myself on the wrist and found them again on flicdfskr. Sorry guys.


Palace Fan thats a NEW Dad said...

Nice photos, you should use flickr it is a good place to link your photos to. You can also get a nice bit of HTML code and it shows previews of your photos on your blog. Should also credit the person that took them :-)

Re your message on my blog, I just hope it is not Preston in the final. They seem to be able to work us out. I also work near Watford with loads of their fans. Looking forward to tomorrow (Whats the betting Gareth Taylor scores against us) and getting the points to see us through to the play offs. Heres to tomorrow and yes, upstairs is a better view of the ground but I prefer it downstairs. Also cheaper ;-)

All the best and I will be "dropping" by your blog from now on.