Saturday, 16 January 2010

It's a great upsetment


Three into two does not go

Mum has moved house after thirty five years. She's moved from a three-bed semi to a nice two-bed end of terrace. Over the last six months she has recylced and thrown/given away around a third of her possessions.

This may sound like philanthropy, however she was drowning in a sea of possessions, many of which were there just because they were there.

Well, after half an hour of unloading the lorry, the dining room looked like this:

An hour later and it was hard to tell if there was a dining room at all:

It may take a few days to sort through it all (well, maybe a week or two). However, the sheer volume of boxes has driven home how much more there is to be thrown away.

The size of the house will dictate the level of things within it. In order not to drown, mum knows she needs to downsize further. Downsizing on property programmes is all about the building but it has more to do with the things.